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Wesley was raised in the small town of Log Cabin in Northeast Louisiana. Hunting is not considered a hobby but a way of life. In other words; the pacifier comes out, a duck call goes in. His Dad is an avid outdoorsman always hunting or fishing, so he didn’t have much of a choice but to love the outdoors from an early age. He was able to kill his first ducks and deer at 6 years old. At 13 years old his Dad took him to Kansas and the rest is history, but we will come back to that later.

At 18 years old his dreams of becoming a Professional Team Roper took him to Texas. He continued to pursue that dream at the top of his game in the PRCA & training Rope Horses for the next 10 years until the opportunity arose to make a full time living in the outdoor world.

He now has the privilege to take others waterfowl hunting and help make their dreams a reality. He has hunted many species across the U.S. from Osceola Turkeys in Florida to hard bugling Elk in the Rockies.

He has been successful in harvesting of over 25 Pope & Young Whitetail deer, 3 Elk over 300”, a 170” Mule Deer in the Rocky Mountains, & completed a Single Season Grand Slam on Turkeys. All while being a full time Rodeo Cowboy & Waterfowl Guide.

Grit, determination, & hustle are not lacking in his lifestyle.

He resides in Texas with his wife Morgan & son Levi. They are Co-Owners in Grindstone Hunting Outfitters in Oklahoma & Kansas.



A note from Wesley:


Any time you book a hunt with an outfitter, you are buying an opportunity. At Grindstone Outfitters & Epic West Outfitters myself and my partners do everything in our control to give you the best opportunity. If you have hunted with us before you know this is true. We treat clients like family and most turn into just that. If you have not hunted with us we look forward to sharing the hunt with you!


Getting lost every now and then is good for the soul”


~Wesley Johnson~

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