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Zak was born and raised in the piney woods of East Texas in the small town of Overton. He was the first of the EWO Crew to move to South Dakota, doing so in the Summer of 2021 to pursue his dream of making a living in the outdoor world.

His Dad, Grandpa, & Great Uncle introduced him to the outdoors at an early age.

His Grandpa, Charlie guided Elk & Mule deer hunts in the Mountains of Colorado back in the 1970’s & 80’s before the boom of Western Hunting had even hit.

Charlie’s brother was James Pepper was the owner of High Country Safari’s out of the small town of Ignacio, CO.

Along with their kids they have had a very successful journey in the outdoor world putting people in the face of victory, also holding a state record at one point as well. Growing up around them has carved him into the outdoorsman he is today. 

Out of high school he was determined to live a life that would allow him to hunt as much as he wanted to, since 2015 he has been able to do so.


A note from Zak:


I met Hayden Shaw almost 10 years ago. Since then we have been fortunate to harvested thousands of ducks and geese all up & down the Central & Mississippi Flyway. I have got to travel and see some of the most beautiful landscapes in the lower 48 due to this friendship.

When I go hunting we are going in confident & to have success, it’s simple as that. I would commend myself on being able to read birds, how they act, how they are going to act, & what they are going to do. I live with them, to be successful day in and day out, you absolutely have to. There’s nothing that brings me more joy than tricking massive flocks of mallards into your spread, feet in the water or on the ground. 

If you like shooting mallard ducks, South Dakota should be at the top of your list. With it being a non-resident limited draw state it makes the hunting even more pristine. I have killed mallards all over the central flyway, when I tell you there’s no place like South Dakota. To my knowledge, there isn’t.

Come let me show you around at the home of Epic West Outfitters, South Dakota.


It’s not just about being better, it’s about being different”


~Zak Reddick~

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