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Montana Spring Bear Hunts


These Hunts will give you the opportunity to experience things most people never get to see. Cow Moose & Elk with Calves to Grizzly’s with Cubs. Bull Moose & Elk in Velvet getting ready to become your next Trophy. Wildflowers that look like they came out of Grandma's National Geographic Magazine. This is a special hunt to be a part of.

The Black Bears in this region are plentiful along with the chance at Cinnamons & Blondes as well.

The Montana Bear Hunts are conducted under Montana Elite Outfitters (LIC#44484) owned & operated by our great friends Nick & Candee McCormack.

Epic West Outfitters is handling all the Guiding for Montana Elite Outfitters, Bear Hunts.


FMI Contact:


Hayden Shaw (Owner EWO)



Wyatt Crowder (Head Guide)


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