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South Dakota Snow Goose Hunts


There is only Two Migrations a Southern Migration coined the “Great Passage” by Phil Robertson & then there is another. It is the “Northern Migration”, not the Reverse Migration. This is the most special of all to witness.

When you have the opportunity to get under the Ducks & Dark Geese to watch the show it’s worth the trip alone.

When you put on an Extended Magazine, E-Caller, & No Limits on Snows, Blues, & Rossy’s it just takes it to a different level.

We hold Millions of Snow Geese at several different times all thru the Month of March on our Roosts.

You will hear a roar that sounds like a fright train within miles of the roosts.

When the flight starts it is truly breath taking to watch all of the fowl as they head to the Ag Fields to Feed.

It is pretty much public knowledge that Snow Geese are the hardest of all Waterfowl to Hunt.

Add the Northern Migration in the Spring after getting Hunted since September in Canada & it makes it that much more difficult.

It’s not “Fish in a Barrel” hunt.

It is a grueling process where you have to just sit back, watch the show, & take it all in.

We are not going to boast like other Outfitters that we “Get them every day” cause that would be a lie.

But we do try them every day.


When the Juvenile Geese show up it is a Game Changer that can bring big rewards no matter what the weather is doing.


Below is somewhat of a Guide to how our past seasons have went while hunting these wise white ones.


On Sunny Mild Temp Days with No Wind the odds are against us & if we harvest 10+ Total Birds we have had a good day.


On Over Cast or Windy Days with good Temps we can Average around 10 Birds Per Person.

(6 Guns = 60 Birds)


On a Day with any form of Precipitation, Good Temps, & Good Wind we can Average around 20 Birds Per Person.

(6 Guns = 120 Birds)


If we have Cold, Snow, & Wind. The Sky is the Limit.

(6 Guns = Hunt of a Lifetime)


This is a Non-Resident Over the Counter Unlimited License.


Hunt Dates Available:

Contact EWO for Details


Minimum of 6 Hunters to Book:

3 - Day Hunts - AM & PM

(You are responsible for Cleaning your Own Birds. We will discard of the Cleaned Carcasses.)

$450.00 Per Person / Per Day


25% Non-Refundable Deposit

Due @ time of Booking

Remainder of Payment Due

48hrs Prior to Arrival


State / Federal Regulations & License Info:


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