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Garrett spent his early years in Northeast Arkansas in a Rice Farming Family. This allowed him to hunt with his family in some of the greatest Waterfowl habitat in the Country. From the Rice Fields to the Cache & White River Bottoms, as a young boy he was always mesmerized by the Mallard Drake.


At 14yrs old his family made the move to Southeast Texas to the small town of Devers where they were still intricately involved in Farming Rice. Another location with a Rich Waterfowl Heritage.

Moving to Texas is what made him decided he really wanted to pursue his Career as a Bull Rider. He perfected his trade as a Bull Rider & Waterfowler thru his High School Years.


His Grandpa managed one of the Biggest Ranches in Southeast Texas for over 25 Years. This is where he got the opportunity as a High School kid to not only work on the Ranch & gain knowledge in the Farming & Cattle business but also to become a Waterfowl Guide. Getting to hunt in a game rich environment & learn how to take care of customers is something that he got to do on a regular basis for many years.


In 2017 while still in High School he hit the road on the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) trail traveling all over the country. He was the 2017 Horizon Champion at the prestigious George Paul Memorial Bull Riding in Del Rio, TX. The George Paul Memorial is the oldest stand alone Bull Riding in the World.

Garrett took a break from Bull Riding for a few years to go back to the family business of Farming Rice.

In 2023 he came back out better than ever in the Arena, making the PBR Unleash the Beast Tour along with a Qualification to the PBR Velocity Tour World Finals.


With this new found free time from a busy Farming schedule Garrett was able to work for us here at EWO full time in the 22/23 Season & we were glad to have him as always.

He has been a part of our crew since 2018 & we are happy to have him along for the 23/24 Season when he is not at a PRCA Rodeo or PBR Bull Riding.



A note from Garrett:


As much as I enjoy hunting all waterfowl I live to shoot Mallard Ducks in the hole! I can’t imagine a better group of people to go get them with than Epic West Outfitters.


When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on tight”


~Garrett Jones~

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