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Wyatt was born and raised in the Mountain Hunting Paradise of Colorado.


He grew up in a Rodeo and Big Game Outfitting Family. At a young age he found himself in the back seat of a one ton truck rodeoing hard & learning how to travel.

He had a successful rodeo career in the Colorado High School Rodeo Association being an All-Around Cowboy.

He was a 2X State Champion Team Roper & a State Champion Tie Down Calf Roper as well.


Wyatt laid the rope down after High School & went full force into the Bucking Bull Business that he had already started earlier in his Teens.


In 2013 he won the most prestigious title in the Bucking Bull World.

The ABBI / PBR Classic World Championship with his 4yr Old Bull 708 The Rocker.

That was a $250,000.00 Pay Day for an 18yr Old Elk Hunter / Cowboy.


This win is what paved the way for what was to come.


In 2016 he followed that up with yet another World Championship in the American Bucking Bull Competition System.


This time it was C1 Tango a Ranch Raised calf of the Crowders that was crowned 2016 ABBI Futurity World Champion.


That same year Wyatt won the ABBI Horizon Breeder of the Year Award by Breeding & Raising Tango.


Wyatt along with his Wife Kelsey own one of the Top Rodeo Stock Contracting Firms in Colorado, Rawhide Rodeo Company based out of Hudson.


Rodeo has been instrumental in his life thus far but his true passion has always been chasing Elk. His Family has always been a part of Outfitting & Guiding.

His Grandpa was an Outfitter in Gunnison, CO in the old days before Outfitting was even a thing.

When he was a little boy his Uncle Rick was Head Guide of Estes Park Outfitting based in Estes Park, CO. Along with Uncle Rick, Wyatt’s Dad & Grandpa were always by his side.

To say Experience is one thing but to grow up day in & day out around professional outdoorsman is another. This was & still is a way of life for him. From tagging along with the Family until becoming a Professional Guide it has been a Lifestyle for Wyatt.


A note from Wyatt:


I met the Shaw Family through the Bucking Bull Industry over 10yrs ago. When we found out we both shared a passion for the outdoors like few others do, we immediately began a great friendship & became Family.

I had the privilege of experiencing my first Professional Waterfowl Hunts with Hayden & his crew in Texas well before they were Outfitting. I have even made the epic South Dakota journey to hunt with them as well in the past.


Now to the Hunting.

Harvesting Bull Elk is something I take very personal & Serious. Success is not an option it’s a way of life.

If you don’t like Screaming Bulls at 5 feet in your lap then these hunts may not be for you. There’s nothing more I love than screaming bulls & happy hunters.

It’s not only a passion but a lifestyle that doesn’t get any better.

I’m a Herd Bull Hunter. I’ve Hunted & Harvested more Herd Bulls than I can count. I know how to speak the Elk Language & think like one. In order to Harvest Big Bulls you have to be one.

Come see us at Epic West Outfitters for a story to tell your Grandkids.


In order to experience Wild things, you have to go to Wild places.”


~Wyatt Crowder~

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