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Hayden was born & raised in Douglass, TX where him & his Wife Kylan resided until the Spring of 2023 when they made the move to the great state of South Dakota, in the small river town of Springfield.

He has been involved with the Outdoors since he took his first steps. Starting out Hunting Birds in the Backyard to moving on to Whitetailed Deer, then finding his True Passion of chasing North America’s Waterfowl & Big Game.

He was previously an American Bucking Bull Breeder & Contractor in the ABBI Registry, PBR, & PRCA. He has sent bulls to the NFR, PBR, & ABBI Finals in Las Vegas for the past 3 Decades.

He gave up the Rodeo World to pursue the Outdoors full time in the Summer of 2021.

Since 2005 it has been a non stop journey for perfection staying on the “X”. His hunts have led him to nearly every state up & down the Central & Mississippi Flyway from Montana to the tip of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico.


A quote that Hayden has coined that we feel fits him perfectly is,

It’s hard to be Extraordinary if you’re Ordinary, so don’t blend in

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