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Hayden Shaw


A note from Hayden:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Epic West Outfitters Family. It is our privilege to bring you some of the best Hunting Opportunities the Lower 48 has to offer. Come join us for the Adventure of a Lifetime.

And God said, let us make Man in our Image & our Likeness: let him have DOMINION over the Fish of the Sea, the FOWL of the Air, the Cattle that graze the Plains, over every ANIMAL that walks upon the Earth, & over all of the Earth.

Genesis 1:26 (HST)


“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born & the day you find out why”


•Welcome to the Show•




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Kylan Shaw


A note from Hayden:

If it wasn’t for Kylan none of this would be possible. She handles all the Booking, Billing, Social Media, Website, Photography, etc. She does everything it takes for a business to be successful in this day & age. Her raw talent with the camera lens is such a blessing to us in the industry we are in. She also keeps all us rascals in line & keeps our heads up when we get worn down. She’s the Team Mom / Sister that keeps it all together at EWO.



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Zak Reddick

Guide / SD Land Management

A note from Hayden:

Zak Reddick… I can go on for days about this young stud but I’ll keep it short. Zak is my right hand man & has been that way for many years. He started hunting with me in 2014 when he was still in high school. The first time I met him he had held a public land hole for me & my best hunting buddy Trapper Kesinger. He had found the “X” & slept on it since the afternoon before. That morning we killed 4 Limits of Green Heads with our off ducks as well & in Deep East Texas that’s an accomplishment. He has been by my side on countless unforgettable adventures all across the country. He is now a South Dakota Resident & the man behind the scenes that makes EWO what it is today. I’m proud to have him on our team & he will ensure that you have the best hunting opportunities available at Epic West Outfitters.



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Wyatt Crowder

Guide / Manager of Elk Department

A note from the Hayden:

I asked Wyatt to lay it all on the line & let our customers know what he has to offer. In his bio you will learn more about him. I admire the confidence he has in the field & that confidence is what we strive for in our EWO Family.

This is why he is on the team as the Manager of MEO / EWO Elk Department.

He has Guided all over the heavily hunted state of Colorado to the Teton Wilderness in Wyoming with great success.

The tougher it is the more he likes it. If you don’t want to stare down a Grizzly, ride a Mule through a Blizzard, or put one on your back & go over the Mountain then he might not be the guy for you. But in my book there is nobody better to get Bulls on the ground than this man right here. Come see him & let him take you to the places few people see.




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Garrett Jones


A Note from the Hayden:

Garrett is as hard working as they come & has no quit. That’s what we look for in a Guide. He has been with me on some of the most spectacular, once in a lifetime hunts since 2018. Having him on board is something I can’t be thankful enough for. His wide open lifestyle & personality is second to none. His knowledge of both the Central & Mississippi Flyway is something that aids EWO in being a top shelf operation. He is a Mallard Purist that’s his only downfall but once you meet this guy you’ll want to share a blind with him for years to come.




•Click here to view Garrett’s Bio!•


Thomas Wallace


A note from Hayden:


I’ve known Thomas since he was just a youngster. He is a superb woodsman & been that way his whole life. He has been with me on countless adventures across the country & seen things most grown men have never experienced in the outdoors. You will not find a more polite, genuine, outstanding young man anywhere. All of our land owners, customers, & friends might love this one the most out of all of our staff. When you get to meet him you’ll understand why.



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Wesley Johnson

Co-Owner of Grindstone Outfitter
Co-Manager of West Texas Dove Hunts

A note from Hayden:

Wesley is the most Driven individual I have ever come across in my lifetime. I have never seen anyone with the dreams & ambitions he has for life. Whether it’s his Family, his personal Goals, or his perseverance of success for his Clients at Grindstone Outfitters. He strives for perfection in everything he touches. Mallards, Turkeys, & Whitetails are all in danger of turning into table fair when this man puts his mind to it. But on the other hand those 3 species can also thank him for the Conservation & Preservation efforts that he puts into play for them as well. I am honored to have him as the Co-Manager of our EWO Texas Dove Hunts department.




Click here to view Wesley’s Bio!


Nick McCormack

Owner of Montana Elite Outfitters

A note from Hayden:

I have known Nick for many years now. He made the move from Montana to Texas & I’m still trying to figure that one out. But that’s how our friendship began. He is as knowledgeable as they come in the big game world & runs a top notch operation at Montana Elite Outfitters. From guiding the Governors Tag on Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep to putting a kid on his first Muley Buck this guy gives it 110% on every hunt. He is an expert in everything to do with Big Game Hunting the state of Montana. I have personally been involved in his Hunts for the last few years & worked guiding for him as well. If anyone wants to harvest a Mule Deer in Big Sky Country there’s only one option in my mind & that is Nick McCormack.



Chance Bledsoe

Guide West Texas Dove Hunts / GrindStone Outfitters

Chance was born and raised in Arkansas where he started chasing waterfowl at a young age in the hardwood bottoms of the Natural State.

He has guided since 2018 across Arkansas, Oklahoma, & Kansas.

He is pursuing his career as both a hunting guide & training Labrador Retrievers. Everything outdoors is what he lives for.

When he finishes guiding waterfowl hunts you can find him chasing Turkeys across the country as well as guiding a limited amount of Turkey Hunts in both Oklahoma & Wyoming. We are glad to have Chance aboard for our 2023 West Texas Dove Hunts

"We lose ourselves in the things we love; We find ourselves there too"

~Chance Bledsoe~


Jordan Washam

Guide West Texas Dove Hunts / GrindStone Outfitters

Jordan was born & raised in Monroe, Louisiana. He made the move to Maypearl, TX in 2019 to pursue a career with Kirby-Smith Machinery in Construction Equipment Sales & Marketing.

He been guiding since 2018 in different states such as Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. He is an intricate part of the Grindstone Outfitters family.

We are glad to have him on our team in 2023 for our West Texas Dove Hunts.


“Trees don’t hang around with the grass, even tho they all started from the same place”


~Jordan Washam~

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